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History of the building – Hospitality since 1952

(Extract from „Rimsting - Großes Heimatbuch der Chiemseegemeinde“ volume IV from Josef Walbel)

The Matthäus (Mattheisen) Estate is the only estate in Greimharting that is attributed to the Wildenwart reign. This is astonishing and unexpected, especially since we know from settlement history that the family Greimhartinger zu Greimharting moved to the fortress Wildenwart after it was completed in 1180-90. The ownership structure changed when Wolfgang der Aschauer zu Hirnsberg and his brother Ludwig became the Wildenwart title bearers and consequently the owners of the Greimhartinger properties. After bestowals and sales, the Mattheisen estate was the only property left in the hands of the Wildenwart reign.

The estate was probably founded around 1300, when the Greimhartinger plots were reorganized according to the principals of the three-field crop rotation, thus creating new estates. The estate was first attested as arable land in 1416 and in 1417 designated as a tenancy. The owner in 1446 was called Pewnter. It is not clear if this was the owner’s real name or if the name came from the location of the house. The estate was situated outside the village with the fields segregated and only the house fenced in, which is what the word point (Pewnt) refers to. Around 1540, Matthäus Pälgl and Matthäus Herzog are named as the owners and it is from them that the house name is derived. Michael Herzinger (1632-49) had to leave the estate after being terrorized by soldiers during the billeting of foreign armies. Because of this the estate had to be sold therefore losing its arable juridicy. Subsequently it could only be used as a tenancy at will. In 1903 Georg Gröber opened a grocery store there and worked as a caretaker and in 1952 his son Johann Gröber converted it into an Inn.

In 2014, Isolde Maria Oberlinner took over from her parents and immediately began extensive renovations. The house was reopened in Easter 2015 as the Hotel Garni Georgenhof. The wonderful view of the mountains, the lovely rooms, the substantial Bavarian breakfast buffet and the hospitality of Mrs Oberlinner and her team; all of this makes the Georgenhof one of a kind in Chiemgau.